Skeem Saam: Mosebjadi is so committed to the story competition that she is willing to start afresh

The great 8 learners are excited about the Literacy Project that is coming up. They are all required to write short stories then submit them and the winner will get the opportunity to get his or her story published.

Mosebjadi and Lewatle were discussing their stories. Mosebjadi told Lewatle that she is thinking if changing her story. When Lewatle asked her why, she told her that she no longer felt it. Lewatle asked her if she realizes that if she changes her topic then she would have to start over and she said she didn’t mind.


She told Lewatle that her story was about her being tied to the chair by her classmates but she wants to change it. Lewatle felt bad, she apologized for herself and told her not to mind Paxton. Mosebjadi told her that she was over it. Lewatle told her that she should write from the heart and she said she will.