Skeem Saam: Mosebjadi found out that Paxton stole her short story

Mosebjadi was feeling bad that she worked hard for the short story competition but she did not win. Her mother told her that there was no way that she could win against Paxton. They were busy listening Paxton’s interview on Berry FM.

When they closed the show, DJ Thomas decided to read from Paxton’s story. While he was reading, Mosebjadi realized that those were her words. She then told her mother that those were her words and that Paxton stole her story.

Her mother could not believe it, she thought that she was jealous. She told her not to go and cause trouble.




Mosebjadi went to school and spoke to the principal. She told the principal that Paxton stole her short story and her principal asked her if she was sure because she was making serious accusations. She told him that she was sure and the principal told her that he would call Marothi Printworks to double check and fix the issue.