Skeem Saam: Melita meets her match in the form of a crude businessman

Melita has been giving Mr Langa too much attention because he promised to give her a job. Melita quit her old job because she believed everything that Mr Langa told her.

Mr Kgomo tried to warn Melita about Mr Kgomo but she did not want to listen to him. Mr Kgomo told Melita that he loves her but she was not interested. When Melita submitted her resignation letter, Mr Kgomo did not give it to HR because he believed that she might change her mind.


Mr Langa got tired of Melita and he started ignoring her. Melita looked for him everywhere but she couldn’t find him. She even asked Katlego. Katlego helped her to find him. When she found him, he was not kind to her. He told her that he no longer wanted to see her. He was rude to her when he spoke to her. Melita did not understand why he did everything that he did.