SKEEM SAAM: Melita got shot and Paxton comes clean about the party

Today’s episode was nerve wreaking. Paxton woke up at Eunice’s place alongside his girlfriend and cousin. When he finally got home, he had to clean up the mess of the party.

His parents finally arrived and to their surprise they found champagne in the fridge. Paxton had no other choice than to confess that Eunice bought them the champagne and that he hosted a party and his classmates were there.

Mahlatse woke up with a bruised face from the fight. He also confessed to his parents that Paxton was the one who beat him. Mogongwa was surprised because he thought the two boys were friends.

Eunice is enjoying her money hence she hired a cleaner and went to a spa with pretty. Emkay went on to pay Eunice a visit and she was surprised to see him. This comes after Eunice has constantly declined Emkay’s calls.

Kgosi is still trying to make Mfundo believe that he is innocent and that he is only stealing from the cafe because he is in need.






Melita was preparing to sleep when she noticed that her window was opened. When she went to the window to close, she immediately got shot. Now the viewers are wondering who shot her, could it be Meiki cellmate and her cohorts from prison?

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