Skeem Saam: Meikie Is Crushed When She Fails

After Ntswaki was taken back home, Meiki has been trying to forget about her but she missed her even more. She tried to call Ntswaki’s father but he did not answer his phone. She decided to go to their house. John was not happy when he found out that Meiki went to Ntswaki’s home.


When Meiki arrived there, they were happy to see her. Meiki had hope that she would find Ntswaki sad and come back with her. Ntswaki was happy to see Meiki. When Ntswaki tried to tell Meiki that she wants to go back with her, her father told her to shut up.

Ntswaki missed Turf and Meiki could not do anything to convince her parents to allow her to come back with Ntswaki. She told Ntswaki to take care of herself then she left. When she arrived at her house, she told Mapitsi that she failed Ntswaki.