Skeem Saam: Mapitsi received the Tablets and Kwaito received his payment from Marothi Printworks

Mapitsi received a delivery early in the morning at home. She signed the papers to show that she got the delivery. She was confused about the box because she did not order anything.

When Mapitsi read the box. She saw that it was the Tablets that Marothi was talking about. She was happy that she finally received them. Meiki was also glad that Marothi was doing things on time.

Meanwhile, Kwaito was busy telling Clement that money is the root of all evil when Clement told him that he wanted half of the R10 000 prize if Mosebjadi won. He told him that he must be careful of what he wishes for.

Kwaito received a notification while he was packing his bag.







It was money from Marothi Printworks. They paid him R250 000,00 into his account. He could not believe it.

His mother asked him what was it that made him keep quiet in his phone but he did not tell her.