Skeem Saam| Mantuli is charmed by Mr Kganyago not knowing that he belongs to Jacobeth

Mantuli was smiling when she saw him

MaNtuli dis not believe her eyes when she saw Mr Kganyago who is a well known professor in front of her. Mantuli showed a different side of her that nobody has ever seen, she was even smiling while she was looking straight to her eyes.

It has been so long MaNtuli not finding love since Mr Maputla and Mr Seakamela. Mantuli was already falling for him but Mr Kgomo’s wife told her that Mr Kganyago is already taken. Will Mantuli try to find out more about him?



Mantuli doesn’t know that Mr Kganyago went to few dates with Jacobeth. This is going to be shocking when Mantuli finds out that Mr Kganyago is already Jacobeth’s man. Mantuli just wants to be happy with a man, but Mr Kganyago is definitely not the one for her because Jacobeth will be very angry with her.