Skeem Saam|| Magongwa called Mr Desando to ask him about the interview but the call did not end well

Since Magongwa found out that Evelyn received an email from the district, he has been stressed. In the morning, he decided to call Mr Desando. His intentions were to ask him why he did not receive an email but he got scared to changed his story.

He told Mr Desando that he was just checking up on him. Mr Desando did not appreciate being called in the morining for no reason. He told Magongwa that he should never call him in the morning unless it was an emergency then he hung up.



Magongwa did not know what to do so he had no choice but to continue stressing. He was embarrased. He went to school and decided to speak with Manaka about teaming up with him so that they could both be against Evelyn and he found out that he was not interested. At that moment he knew that no one believed in him.