Skeem Saam| Lizzy was not happy to see Mr Kganyago moving in with them at her home

She wants her mother all to herself

Lizzy was not happy at all to see Mr Kganyago entering the door with his bags. Lizzy made it clear to her mother that Mr Kganyago should not move in with them . Lizzy said that she enjoys her mother’s company.


They wanted to order some food and enjoy themselves but Mr Kganyago knocked on the door and moved in. Mr Kganyago asked for an advice from Mr John Maputla and he agreed that he should move in with Jacobeth. This is not good at all.

I can see that Lizzy will be giving Mr Kganyago a lot of bad attitude in the house. Jacobeth has taken a huge step by letting a man she doesn’t know much about to move in to her house. Jacobeth should watch him closely but I doubt if it will happen because she is blinded by love.