Skeem Saam| Lizzy is already tired of Mr Kganyago because he is everywhere in the house

Lizzy is a grown up she must do something about it

Mr Kganyago has only 1 day since he moved in with Elizabeth and her mother to their home, and she is already tired of him. Lizzy says Mr Kganyago is everywhere in the house, they cannot find any privacy like they used to before he arrived.



Mr Kganyago has forgotten that he is a guest and he should respect other people’s privacy. It is clear that Lizzy does not want him in the house, she has been giving him an attitude as well. Jacobeth on the other hand, he does not see anything wrong that her man is doing in the house.

The day Mr Kganyago breaks Jacobeth’s heart, she is going straight to depression.

Mr Kganyago did not accept his job offer frm John Maputla, how long is he planning to live under Jacobeth’s and Lizzy’s expenses?