Skeem Saam| Lizzy finally packs her bags like her mother and Mr Kganyago asked her to

Lizzy is finally packing her bag and leaving her mother’s house, but she is not leaving with a happy face. Lizzy was not given a warning and a chance to apologize for what she did, even though she was right all along.

Jacobeth did not even have the guts to look at her daughter when she left because deep down she feels guilty. Mr Kganyago is standing between Lizzy and her mother, to make sure that Jacobeth is not changing her mind. Viewers never thought that they will see the day Jacobeth do this to her only daughter.


Jacobeth was a very protective parent before Mr Kganyago came into the picture. Now she wants nothing to do with her, like she is not her own flesh and blood. This scene will leave many viewers heartbroken because it will open wounds for some of them.