Skeem Saam| Lewatle and Mosebjadi talk about bullying and how it affects a victim

2 talented actresses from Skeem Saam have a message for the viewers

Lewatle and Mosebjadi have taken it to social media to share that they are aware of what Paxton is doing and how they keep on winning as bullies. Mosebjadi is one of the latest victims.

The question I have now is that, why is it got to be Mosebjadi to be the one who suffers? Is it because she is from under privileged background? Mosebjadi works works hard and she does not deserve all these bad things that are happening to her.



Mosebjadi and Lewatle talks about bullying and how it affects he victims. They live in fear and cannot do things because they want to. This means viewers will be angry to see Mosebjadi struggles at school because of Paxton. Paxton is the older one on his classroom, and not doing things by the book.