Skeem Saam| Lehasa tells Pretty that he has never been a sheep but always a wolf

Dangerous Lehasa is back

Lehasa is revealing his true colours to Pretty and she could not believe her eyes. Lehasa tells Pretty that she always knew that he was a bad man, and she needs to admit it. Lehasa is right, he has never been a good man, it is always his way or the high way.



He tells Pretty to know who she is in a relationship with. This serves Pretty right because everyone keeps on warning her every day about the danger of being in a relationship with Lehasa. She must learn to choose love over money and not the other way around.

It is going to be very embarrassing for her when she go back home, because it seems like her relationship with Lehasa is slowly fading away. Lehasa sees himself powerful since Khwezi is making him a special tea and motivating him to be stronger.