Skeem Saam: Lehasa Made His Own Choice He Wants To Pay Lobola For Pretty See What Will Happen


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Lofty SABC 1 coaching soapie Skeem Saam is serving one more dazzling storyline that has watchers stuck to their screens. Serious watchers and getting through devotee of the TV series were exceptionally joyful when Lehasa Maphosa (played by Cedric Fourie) proposed that there would marry tolls ringing for him and Pretty Seakamela (played by Lerato Maboe) rather than the insidious Khwezi (Samukele Mkhize) who is at present conveying his childhood.

On the multi day stretch of the eleventh of June 2022, while on his middle bed which Khwezi was accepting would be his passing bed, Lehasa let his uncle in on that he needs to pay marriage favoring (lobola) for a lady in Turfloop. Curiously, this showed that Lehasa has settled on his decision between the two ladies as Khwezi is from KwaZulu Natal and Pretty is from Turfloop. In any case, he comparatively imparted that he would pay harms for the young person that Khwezi is conveying as that it his crucial beneficiary. “The fair lobola we’ll pay is for a lady in Turfloop”, he unequivocally imparted.

This set Twitter consuming as the get-together among Lehasa and Pretty is something many have been expecting. A various group were bothered that Khwezi was conveying Lehasa’s kid as they recognize that this will defile his relationship with Pretty. Besides, given Khwezi’s unsafe and manipulative nature, it has comparatively come to the prospect of different that Khwezi will utilize her pregnancy to remain of prison and ruin things among Lehasa and his most significant love. This is an extraordinarily sharp wisdom as Khwezi has proactively utilized her pregnancy against Lehasa’s uncle, conveying that Lehasa wouldn’t let the mother of his youngster decay in prison and wouldn’t permit his substitution to be brought into the world past the restrictions of marriage. Of late, Lehasa demonstrated that he would dispose of Khwezi and the show’s fans are euphoric about this.

“I’m not a horrible individual yet rather Lehasa hoping to kill Khwezi with the youngster I thoroughly support. Much appreciation to you”, a watcher tweeted.

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