Skeem Saam: Lehasa is Deflated by Khwezikazi’s Determination

In the morning, Lehasa woke up and made his way to the kitchen. He was pleasantly surprised when he found Khwezi and Nokuthula beaming with happiness. He asked Khwezi why she was happy. Khwezi told Lehasa that Mapitsi posted about her lipsticks on her blog.

Lehasa was not happy. Khwezi told Lehasa that Mapitsi’s blog post will influence people to support her business because Mapitsi wrote positive things about her business.


Lehasa became annoyed because he does not want Khwezi’s business to succeed. Lehasa told Khwezi not to pay too much attention to Mapitsi’s blog because she is trying to grow her followers by using Khwezi’s business.

During the day, Lehasa called Mapitsi and told her that she should leave Khwezi alone. He told her that she should stop posting about Khwezi’s business on her blog. Mapitsi was not happy with the way Lehasa spoke to her. She told him that she is not afraid of him.