Skeem Saam| Lehasa has been vey secretive about his calls and messages, is he cheating?

Lehasa is giving Pretty reasons not to trust him

Lehasa has been very secretive to what is happening on his cellphone. He answers his calls outside and he is very jumpy when he receives texts messages. Pretty did not like what Lehasa is doing lately because it raised a lot of questions.



Pretty was surprised to see how Lehasa has been behaving lately. She asked him why he is being like this, and he told her that it is just business. Viewers had their own opinions as well regarding this matter. They suspect that Lehasa is putting a plan to get Khwezi out of the house. While others are saying that he is speaking to Nothile.

Why would Lehasa do something knowing that it will hurt Pretty? Who will Pretty run to if she gets her heartbroken? Hopefully Lehasa is planning to get Khwezi a new place and not cheating.