Skeem Saam: Lehasa found Khwezi and Pretty fighting and he stopped them

Pretty decided that it was time for Pretty to leave but Khwezi did not want to move out. Khwezi told Pretty that she is not going anywhere, she continued to tell Pretty that Lehasa would not allow her to move out in her condition. She asked her if it was possible for a side chick to kick out a wife and Baby Mama in their own home.

They then fought. Lehasa arrived and separated them.





He told them that it was enough. Pretty told Lehasa that Khwezi had to go but Lehasa refused and said that he would not allow Khwezi to stay alone while she is pregnant. Pretty left them alone.

Khwezi told Lehasa that she was grateful that he stood up for her but Lehasa assured her that wanted her to move out and she was disappointed.

She asked him about Nothile and Lehasa told her that Nothile is one who kept him out of jail.