Skeem Saam|| Lehasa broke up with Pretty after Khwezi told him that she met with Peterson

Lehasa was not honest with Pretty about some of his past. Khwezi called Lehasa to tell him about what Pretty has been doing behind his back. She told him that Pretty met with Peterson and she wanted to know if she has filed a restraining order against her again. When she realized that Lehasa did not know anything, she asked him if Pretty could be trusted or not.

Lehasa asked someone to confirm for him if Pretty really met with Peterson and they confirmed it. When Pretty came from the bedroom, Lehasa asked her if she met with Peterson and and if they did then why. Pretty wanted to know how he found out about it then she remembered that it was Kgosi.





Lehasa asked her if she doesn’t trust him. Pretty did not know how to answer Lehasa because she can’t lie.

Lehasa told her that he is starting to wonder if their relationship will even work because they are always fighting.

Pretty couldn’t believe it. She asked him if he was breaking up with her but he did not answer her, he just went out without saying anything.