Skeem Saam| Leeto tells Pretty to break things up with Lehasa, will she do it

Pretty knows what will happen to her once the baby arrives

Pretty took some time to sit down with Leeto because he knows Lehasa better. Leeto can see that Pretty is not in a happy relationship with Lehasa anymore. Pretty trusted Lehasa but he keeps on disappointing her every day.


Leeto tells Pretty to break things up with Lehasa before it is too late. Leeto is right, Lehasa will do anything to keep Khwezi happy. What will happen if that baby is not Lehasa’s baby? Lehasa will definitely run after Pretty that is why she should leave now.

Maybe the reason why for Pretty not to leave it is because she doesn’t know where to go, since MaNtuli wants nothing to do with her. Pretty left her studies for a man, now her life is difficult. Many people are going to be disappointed when they found out about what she is currently going through.