Skeem Saam| Kwaito turns Mosebjadi down, see why

Mosebjadi wants Kwaito

Mosebjadi is tired of waiting for kwaito to take the first step, so she confessed her feelings for him. Mosebjadi is surprised to find out that Kwaito is not feeling the same as she feels. Kwaito tells her that he is not dating learners.


If Kwaito decides to date Mosebjadi he will lose his job at Turf High, and on top of it Mosebjadi is a very young woman and underage. Kwaito did the right thing by turning her down. Mosebjadi may be heartbroken but she will get over it soon. She is still you, and Kwaito is old for her.

Mosebjadi should make sure that her mother does not find out about what happened, because she will go to the police and report Kwaito for what happened between them. Kwaito needs to watch what he does in class because Thobakgale and other teachers will watch him close.