Skeem Saam| Kwaito regrets begging a job for Mapitsi, see why

Kwaito is now not too sure whether he did the right for Mapitsi or not.

Mapitsi left her job as a journalist to be a publisher. Kwaito begged Marothi to hire Mapitsi for the Literacy Project to be the one who publishes the books of the winners from the competition.


Marothi first didn’t want Mapitsi to be the one getting this opportunity but he ended up changing his mind, after Kwaito begged him for many days. Now that Mapitsi is on board, Kwaito feels like he betrayed Kat for giving this opportunity to Mapitsi.

I think Kwaito did this because he wanted to look good in front of Meikie and John. He wants them to like him for looking out for Mapitsi. Kwaito betrayed Kat and personally I do not approve of what he did. Now he regrets his decision because Mapitsi will now be his new boss. Kwaito should go back to engineering.