Skeem Saam: Khwezi will never accept that Lehasa does not love her

Khwezi was so confident until Lehasa declared his love for Pretty. At that moment, she realized that no matter what she would do, she would never be good enough in Lehasa’s eyes. She decided to not go to court because she was sulking.

During the day, she called her uncle to tell her what had happened and her uncle was not happy. He told her that she shouldn’t let Pretty win because she is the one who is married to Lehasa and not Pretty.

Khwezi told told him that Lehasa doesn’t care about the Lobola that he paid for Khwezi.

Her uncle was just concerned about money and nothing more.

When Khwezi’s uncle told her that she should fight for Lehasa, she told him that she was too lazy.

Her uncle tried by all means to convince Khwezi but it seemed like he was not getting through to her. She is stubborn.