Skeem Saam: Khwezi told Joy that Pretty broke up with Lehasa and she was happy

Kgosi told Khwezi that she should move in with Lehasa so that he can be able to take care of her until she gives birth. Khwezi moved in with Lehasa and Pretty packed her bags and went home. Khwezi was happy that Pretty left because she wanted to spend time with Lehasa.


Kgosi went to visit Khwezi and she told him that Pretty broke up with Lehasa. Joy came to visit Khwezi during the day so that they would be able to talk about the preparations of the baby shower. Joy told Khwezi that the date of her baby shower is 3 February. Khwezi was fine with everything that Joy told her.

She told Joy that she will fix her relationship with Lehasa because Pretty is no longer around. Joy told Khwezi that she likes to see her happy. Joy told Khwezi that everything will go well for her.