Skeem Saam| Khwezi shed a tear after watching Lehasa telling MaNtuli how much she loves Pretty

Khwezi wished that those words were for her

Khwezi is married to Lehasa and she is expecting his baby, but there is only one thing left that she needs the most. It is being loved by Lehasa. Since Lehasa broke up with Khwezi, he never said anything beautiful about her.


Last night MaNtuli and her brother Sfiso came to Lehasa’s apartment to get Pretty, but Lehasa had to make MaNtuli understand why he loves Pretty. Khwezi was there and he tried to stop Lehasa for asking MaNtuli to let him date Pretty.

Khwezi was left crying out loud after hearing how much Lehasa loves Pretty. Khwezi called his uncle and he told her not to give up easily. Khwezi has always been wanting Lehasa to love her like he loves Pretty, but it’s not working out for her. She must find another man to love and move on from Lehasa.