Skeem Saam|| Khwezi overhears a conversation that threatens to ruin her looming marriage

Khwezi was assured that everything was going to go well in her life when uncle Phomolo arrived and was calling her ‘Makoti’. She left Lehasa and uncle Phomolo to catch up while she went to Maboneng to do her business. Lehasa was busy telling Phomolo that Pretty is the one for her and he regrets rushing to propose to Khwezi. Uncle Phomolo told Lehasa that it was too late for him to be thinking straight because Khwezi knows a lot about them already.


Khwezi was about to come inside the house when she overheard uncle Phomolo advising Lehasa to do a premarital counseling first so that he could be sure that he wanted to go ahead with the marriage.It’s a good thing that Khwezi came in 5 seconds later because if she had arrived earlier she would’ve heard Pretty’s name and that wouldn’t be good for Lehasa. She only heard the premarital counseling part.