Skeem Saam| Khwezi kicks out her cousin after Lehasa called her to come

Khwezi is not happy

Khwezi is shocked to find her cousin at the door step of Lehasa’s apartment. Khwezi has been a lot of work for Pretty and Lehasa, that is why they had to do something about it. Lehasa made a bold move here and Khwezi should not kick her cousin out.


If she kicks her out then where will she go because she is from rural areas. Lehasa made a first step to get Khwezi out of his apartment, he want her cousin to take care of Khwezi while she is pregnant.

Now they need to find her a place and move with her cousin. Khwezi has been treating Pretty with hatred lately and fighting constantly. Khwezi will now run out of the excuses not to leave, he cannot depend on Lehasa forever, she will be able to take care of herself. Pretty is going to be happy to see that Khwezi will now leave.