Skeem Saam: Jacobeth Thobakgale will regrets to trust Ntate Kganyago over her daughter See why

Jacobeth Thobakgale will regret to trust Ntate Kganyago over her daughter, because currently Ntate Kganyago wants to introduce Jacobeth into crypto currency, He knows that Jecobeth is retiring and she will get lots of money, and Jecobeth Thobakgale will fall into the trap because she is blinded by love.

Jacobeth Thobakgale will invest her all her pension money thinking that she will get a lot of profit since she does not work anymore, and after investing Ntate Kganyago will run Away with her money.




And Jecobeth Thobakgale will regret the day she falls in love with Ntate Kganyago and trusting him, because Ntate Kganyago is not the man that many people think he is.

Ntate kgonyago is working with Luc, but he is acting as if he is a good person.

And Elizabeth Thobakgale realised that Ntate Kganyago is up to something bad, but her mother won’t listen to her because she believed that Ntate Kganyago love her and he wants to spend all her life with her.

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