Skeem Saam| Jacobeth finally gives Kganyago what he has been looking for, and viewers reacts to it

Jacobeth and Kganyago have been very impressive with their acting skills and their storyline. Their storyline is one of the most interesting scene on the show right now. They love each other like teenagers and it is beautiful to watch, even though Mr Kganyago is making everyone to eat at his palm of the hand.

Viewers have been saying that Jacobeth needs a man and it is finally happening. Jacobeth and Mr Kganyago shared a bed for the first time yesterday. Jacobeth took the relationship to the next level because she got an advice from Meikie Maputla.







She is in love and very happy. If Mr Kganyago asks Jacobeth to marry him, she will do it in a heartbeat. Jacobeth is a good woman and it is great seeing her with a man at her house. She will be telling Meikie how it was to be with Mr Kganyago.