Skeem Saam| It looks like Lizzy will not be able to expose Mr Kganyago like she hoped she would

Lizzy cannot solve this case alone


Lizzy hired a private investigator to help her track down Luc, she found him but Luc doesn’t do exactly what Lizzy wanted. Lizzy wanted Luc to tell Jacobeth that Mr Kganyago is a con artist, but Luc does the impossible.

Lizzy doesn’t know that Luc is actually working with Mr Kganyago. the reason why Luc will refuse to help Lizzy it’s because she refused to go on a date with him. Then again Luc wants what Mr Kganyago wants from Jacobeth they are on the same mission.

Lizzy needs to go back to the drawing board, and investigate who really Luc and Mr Kganyago are.

Lizzy went to medical school but she is failing to see what is happening. Skeem Saam needs to improve their writing skills because they are losing the plot. Viewers missed the old writers now everything seems to be predictable and not interesting.