Skeem Saam: Fly wanted Leeto to date with Eunice but he refused

Eunice heard that Leeto is opening a club in Turf, and she did not like that idea. So, she went to Charlie’s shop to sign the petition that is against the opening of the club. After signing, Eunice then decided to go and visit Leeto because she saw that he is staying in her old apartment.

When she got there, she asked him whether he saw her things or not and he gave her permission to check around the house. Eunice asked for water. When Leeto tried to open the tap, he failed and told Eunice that he was unable to get her water and Eunice told him that she would help him because she knows how that tap operates.



She went to the tap next to Leeto and opened the tap, then water came out. Leeto thanked her. After her visit, she left.

Fly came back and asked Leeto is he is dating with Eunice, and he told him that she is his home girl and that nothing would ever happen between them.