Skeem Saam: Finally Mahlatse will confess to his father see why

Finally Mahlatse will confess to Alfred Magongwa, because he knows very well a about what happened to him and who is responsible for his blindness, it is just Paxton Kgomo tried to threaten him, but he will not gonna survive to keep secret for a long time because Alfred Magongwa is his step father and he was always good to him.

So he will always feel guilty when he sees him, and her Mother also wants to know the Truth, remember they are blaming principal Thobakgale and they want to take action against him, so Mahlatse will never stop feeling guilty about what happened to Alfred Magongwa




And Mahlatse always remember Charles kunutus advise when he was telling him to stay away from Paxton Kgomo because he is a trouble maker, but Mahlatse took it is easy, now he regrets not taking his advice and it too late.

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