Skeem Saam: Eventually Mr Kgomo will Chose Ivy Kgomo over Melita

Currently, as you know that Melita Montana and Ivy Kgomo are fighting over Mr Kgomo, Melita Monama has a high hopes that Mr Kgomo will choose her because they already were living together before the incident happens and Ivy Kgomo does not know what to believe anymore because it seems like Mr Kgomo was into Melita.



Now as Mr Kgomo is in the Hospital he will come to his good sense and realise that everything he did, it was a mistake, and ask Ivy Kgomo a forgiveness, and move back to his house.

So Melita will be very disappointed after discovering that Mr Kgomo chose his family over her because she also lost a house because of Mr Kgomo.

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