Skeem Saam: Eunice was supposed to listen to Emkay when he earns her about Kgosi see why

Eunice was supposed to listen to Emkay when he was warning her about Kgosi, remember Kgosi throw Fannie Maserumule under the bus because of he wanted to be a manager at cafe Rofuwa, and he was the one who made Mofundo and Buntle got fired, because Lehasa Maphosa was using him so that they could loose their shares.


So it was easy for Eunice to believe that Kgosi does not want to work for Lehasa Maphosa anymore, she was supposed to be careful, especially about people who are close to Lehasa Maphosa, now Kgosi betrayed her and stole all her money, now he is in charge for everything Eunice Nkadimeng left, for an example, he is leaving in her flat, using her car, knowing very well that Eunice is going rehab.

Eunice started to notice that Kgosi is responsible for everything the moment he lied to her parents, remember Kgosi told Eunice that he wants a place to stay as he was seeking a job and Eunice gave him because he knows him, so now he pretended like he was helping her to quit drugs, and he is the one who drugged her.

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