Skeem Saam Eric Macheru Pictures Of His fav Family

Skeem saam Eric Macheru Shows off pictures of his family , No 2 Will Leave You Off Gut.

Eric macheru Always known As Leeto Maputla is an Actor on skeem Saam and he is a Maputla , a lawyer and a divorcee.

He was married to mokgadi maputla , such a loving wife , very humble to her inlaws and very hardworking although her mother in law did not love her.

Leeto and Mokgadi we’re very much in love until a long lost son of mokgadi Called Noah appeared in their lives and started causing trouble for everyone.

Noah was a real gangster taken from his Fathers DNA Bra Sikes who is a real criminal too.

Leeto saw that he could not win this whole thing because mokgadi kept on defending his son Noah even she knew very well that the bit was trouble.

Coming to Reality, Eric Macheru is a loving husband to his wife and he respects her so much.

They both have a baby bog called King Macheru.

Take a look at their pictures that will leave you speechless: