Skeem Saam| Ephie and Mr Kganyago are about to cash in from Jacobeth and other Turf hospital doctors

They are on the big mission

Mr Kganyago is working along with Ephie and they are both scammers. It looks like they about to cash in from the wealthiest people in Turf. Mr Kganyago went to Joburg to meet his associate Ephie, who he was at the hospital with.


Ephie tells Mr Kganyago that it is time now they cash in because he is running out of patience. Ephie warns Mr Kganyago not to fall in love with Jacobeth, because they are in business. Jacobeth still thinks she found the love of her life but it is not what she think it is.

Ephi is dating a doctor from Turf hospital, and he just got a deal with Mr Maputla where they will be stealing from Turf University. Will they be able to pull off this mission? No one is thinking of doing a research about them even Jacobeth is blinded by love.