Skeem Saam: Elizabeth agreed to go on a date with Luc but she discovered that he might be a scammer

Luc had finally been discharged from Turf Hospital but he managed to get Lizzy’s number. They were texting each other and Lizzy’s mother noticed change and asked her if it was a guy. Lizzy told her mother that Luc was her patient and he is now flirting with her. Her mother told her that if she likes him then she should give him a chance.

During the day at Turf Hospital, Lizzy received a call from Luc asking her out. She was blushing most of the time because Luc was saying all the right things. He asked her out on a date and she agreed. When Lizzy was going to check up on Mr. Kganyago, he gave her advice.

He told her that she should be careful with Luc because he heard him talking on a call with his friend using his mother tongue and it seemed like they are into scamming people their money and Lizzy might be one of his victims. Lizzy did not know what to do because she had already agreed to go out on a date with him.