Skeem Saam: Bad News Celia Kunutu not coming back

Bad news as Celia Kunutu not coming back, since Mr Kgomo decided to blackmail her, she was scared and she didn’t want to cheat for Alfred Magongwa, because Mr Kgomo wanted to use the opportunity because Celia Kunutu promised him that she will do anything if she does not calling police or fire her the moment he caught her trying to kill Alfios.



Mr Kgomo realises that Alfred Magongwa does not see anymore and he decided to use that opportunity to back Stab him, Celia was very confused because her husband is blind and Mr Kgomo does not want to give her a chance to take care of him on top of that he wants an affair with her.

So currently Celia Kunutu ran away and she will never come back, it is a pity because her kids and her husband will need her.

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