Skeem Saam: Babeile Comes To A Horrifying Realisation

Babeile has been investigating the murder of Alfios but every time he got close to finding the person responsible for his death, something else comes up.

Lately, he has been looking at the recent deaths in the community and he realized that there might be a pattern. He thought that Rathebe is the one that is behind the recent suicides in the community.


He remembered that every time he announced a death of someone, Rathebe was happy. Firstly, Karabo committed suicide after stealing his own cows because he did not want to pay Lobola for his wife. When Rathebe found out about his death, she said that he deserved it.

Bethuel committed suicide after being released from Jail. When Babeile told Rathebe about his death, she was happy. Dragon also committed suicide after breaking out of jail. Rathebe was once again happy about his death. Now, Alfios was killed and Rathebe does not seem to care about his case.