Skeem Saam: An alleged murder revelation shakes up Prehasa

Pretty has been mad at Lehasa because she realized that he hasn’t been honest with her. She asked him to tell her about the KCL and he refused. Lehasa told her that she was being a nuisance unlike Khwezi. He further continued to tell her that the only thing he needs is a supportive partner.

Pretty told him that she will only support him if he told her the truth. Khwezi appeared and told her that she will not be able to handle the truth. Pretty got mad and went out. When she came back she didn’t talk to anyone. She went straight to the bedroom.




When Lehasa followed her, she pretended to be asleep in the bedroom.

She asked Lehasa to tell her the truth. Lehasa didn’t tell her anything. She asked herself what she got herself into. “You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into.” Said Lehasa.

He told her that he never pretended to be a sheep, he was always a wolf. Pretty couldn’t believe anything that Lehasa said to her.