Skeem Saam|| Alfred is devastated to learn where Celia stands regarding their marriage

Bushang have been asking Alfred when his mother is coming back and Alfred did not know how to tell him that she was no longer coming back so he told him that he will speak with the elders.

Alfred set up a meeting with the elders so that they could discuss the matter of his marriage. He asked them to tell Celia to come back home so that they could fix their marriager.


The elders asked him why he left home when he was blind. He told them that Celia did not tell him that Mahlatse was the one responsible for the incident that had happened to him, she kept it a secret so he decided to go to Ga-Mashashane to heal there. Aunt Docus told Alfred that Celia felt guilty for what had happened to Alfred so now she wants to find herself first before she comes back home. Source: