Skeem Saam Actress Pearl Sonti Novic Transitions from Small Screen

Pearl Novic, once a familiar face on the small screen in the popular soapie “Skeem Saam,” has embarked on a spiritual journey as a gospel minister, dedicating her life to spreading the Word of God. Transitioning from the entertainment industry to ministry, Pearl believes her newfound calling is part of a divine plan, embracing the belief that everything happens for a reason.




A Pause to Reflect and Follow God’s Path

While Pearl’s departure from the entertainment world may have raised questions, she emphasizes that there is no animosity between her and the industry. Instead, she sought a break to transform her life, leaving behind the wild lifestyle of her past in pursuit of God’s ways.

Pearl recounts a pivotal moment when, after a night of clubbing, she felt a strong pull from God, leading her into a hotel room in the early hours of the morning. It was during this moment that she recognized the need for a change. Since that transformative morning, Pearl has dedicated herself to preaching God’s Word to multitudes.

Acknowledging that the acting bug never truly fades away, Pearl remains open to returning to the screen when the timing aligns with God’s plan. As a mother of two boys who was raised by her grandmother in Pretoria, she firmly believes that the door to the entertainment industry remains ajar, awaiting her return should the right opportunity present itself.

A Blossoming Business Venture: Flowers and Passion

In addition to her spiritual calling, Pearl Novic has made strides in the business world as a finalist in the 2023 Mrs. South Africa competition. She has delved into the world of floristry, managing a flourishing flower business in the picturesque suburb of Silver Lakes in Pretoria.

Pearl’s journey into the floral business was sparked by her passion for receiving and arranging flowers. Her initial foray into the world of floristry began when she decided to create a bouquet for herself. Her unique talent for floral arrangements drew the attention of others who admired her skills. Encouraged by this positive feedback, Pearl resolved to take her passion for flowers seriously and transition it into a thriving business.

Determined to excel in her new venture, Pearl undertook the task of learning the intricacies of the flower business. She spent time visiting flower shops to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit ultimately led her to discover a suitable location to stock and display her flowers.

Pearl reflects on her journey with a sense of pride, stating, “I designed my marketing strategies and went to the streets myself until an opportunity for a store came—I have never looked back, ever.”

As she navigates her dual roles as a gospel minister and businesswoman, Pearl Novic exemplifies the power of faith, passion, and determination in pursuing one’s calling and dreams.

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