Skeem Saam actor Eric Macheru ‘Leeto’ in a hit & run accident left Mzansi

Skeem Saam has been wowing Mzansi for a really long time. Most likely its ritzy cast makes us become hopelessly enamored with the show series more

Most likely one can not discuss Skeem Saam without ensnaring Eric Macheru into the situation. Macheru is an observed South African entertainer most popular as Leeto Maputla on the SABC 1 show series.

The 35-year-old is making a wide range of features for some unacceptable reasons of late. A lady named Refliwe Maleka took it to Twitter to share a progression of recordings and photos of the alcoholic entertainer.

Notwithstanding, she likewise gave a definite record of how Eric was associated with a quick in and out occurrence, wherein he attempted to escape from subsequent to slamming two vehicles.

As indicated by Refliwe Maleka, the prepared entertainer was inebriated and slammed into a vehicle and harmed a passager. After understanding his offense, he attempted to flee, and simultaneously, he additionally slammed Refliwe Maleka, Mazda. The complainant has since shared recordings of the entertainer who is seen plastered and neglecting to stand autonomously.

Maleka has it that the entertainer vanished in flimsy air without offering help to the setbacks he had harmed in the blend of things. Besides, Maleka has it that she was with her twins, who are only a half year old, when the mishap occurred.

What’s so confounding is the way that the police needs to relinquish the entertainer without any consequence. Indeed, even up to now, allegedly nothing was done to the entertainer. Maleka

has it that the entertainer has since ghosted on her, in the wake of requesting that she pay the excess equilibrium brought about in fixing the harmed vehicle.

Expression of the road has it that the entertainer was driving his rich Audi. Notwithstanding, in the blend of things, the prepared entertainer is yet to react to the challenging charges.

All things considered, directly following this quick in and out mishap, the entertainer makes them top patterns. Almost certainly Mzansi has been attempting to come to an obvious conclusion with regards to Leeto yikes screen life.




The prepared entertainer was brought into the world in Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa, on 25 February 1986. Aside from acting, he served as a soccer player and was once essential for the Ajax CapeTown prior to preparing with Tottenham Hotspurs.