‘Skeem Saam’ actor and Tash Cobbs ‘scammed’ by same person?

Last month, American gospel star Tasha Cobbs Leonard had to cancel her Durban show after a promoter allegedly did not stick to his end of the deal. It is reported that the promoter in question is also the same person who allegedly scammed Skeem Saam actor Skhumbuzo Mbatha.


According to Zimoja, Mbatha – who plays the role of Meneer Manaka on the award-winning SABC1 educational drama – is frustrated with his former friend Buti Mthembu who has allegedly been dodging to pay him back his money.The outlet reports the Mbatha and Mtembu used to to be good friends but their relationship crumbled after the businessman swindled the actor.

Mbatha, who is also a radio presenter, says Mtembu approached him almost two years ago telling him he was in need of funds to secure a lucrative mining deal in Ghana with the government. With no reason to doubt his friend, the media personality said he loaned him R15 000 and was promised a percentage of the profits. However, after realising he had been conned, Mbatha said he found out that Mtembu had a trail of unsuspecting victims who had also loaned him some cash. The Skeem Saam star says the alleged fraudster has only paid back R3 000.

“I am tired of running after him for my money; all I want is for him to pay,” he said.

The actor said that he is in a mission to seek justice and promised to “ruin” Mtembu’s life because the businessman “ruined” his.

Mtembu said he was “working” on paying back Mbatha’s money. Mtembu is also reportedly behind Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s Durban show woes.

On her social media accounts in September, the Break Every Chain songstress opened up to her fans about not making it to her Revival Tour with Tasha Cobbs in KwaZulu-Natal, which was set to be held at the Moses Mabhida Stadium on 23 September.

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“I am so disappointed and so sad about our Durban show which has been cancelled by the promoter,” she said.

“Due to the promoter not upholding his end and promise that he made, things such as booking hotels and flights for my team to make sure that we get to you, were just not done.

“I do not know what was said to you guys, so I told my publicist that I will speak from my heart and share the truth.

“I was looking forward to worshipping with you, but this is beyond what we are in control of,” said the gospel sensation.

Mtembu also released a statement on his Instagram account, saying the cancellation was “due to the insufficient ticket sales”.