Skeem Saam: A man proposes an unbelievable amount of money

Mr Kgomo has been hurt about the things that Melita said to him. He ended up confessing his feelings for her but she did not care. He told her that he does not want to lose her but Melita had already moved on.

Mr Kgomo told Melita that he does not want Mr Langa to use her. Melita was determined to leave and she was not going back. Mr Kgomo offered her a deal.


He told her that he believes in her as a businesswoman and he is willing to invest R80 000 in her business provided that she does not quit her job.

Melita was intrigued. She did not believe that Mr Kgomo was capable of that. At that moment, Melita realized that Mr Kgomo really cares about her and that he would do anything to keep her close. Melita was about to leave when Mr Kgomo offered her that deal, she stopped and looked at him with curiosity.