SK Khoza’s scars on his stomach leave Mzanzi stunned here is why he has those scars: Pictures

SK Khoza left Mzansi in shock after posting pictures of himself taking a swim. It’s not difficult to see his ripped muscles and six-pack, but it is the scars on his stomach that caught our attention.


The scars are unmissable as they are deep. SK Khoza has painted most of his body in tattoos, but he chose not to cover up those very visible scars on his torso. Of course, we had to find out what happened.




One follower felt brave enough to ask him what happened to his stomach, to which SK Khoza answered, “Life”.

What caused SK Khoza’s scars?

That’s made us even more curious. SK Khoza was involved in a horrible accident in 2018 that left him with these horrific scars.

SK has never been one to shy away from anything, and he is not shying away from his scars. He has mentioned that he embraces each one of them.

SK Khoza shared pictures exposing his scars in one of his Facebook posts back in 2020, where he told all of his followers that each of his scars tells a story. He encouraged everyone to embrace their scars as they say to a lifetime’s worth of stories.

SK is well known for his role as Shaka Khoza on The Queen, and his brother Abdul Khoza is also a well-known actor. These two are very close, and when SK got into that horrible accident that left him with these scars, he first called his brother Abdul.

In an interview with Drum Magazine back in 2017, SK mentioned that Abdul cane to his resume one more time when they were younger and discovered a tunnel that they ended up being trapped in. SK said they both struggled to breathe, and Abdul saved the day one more time.

It is apparent that SK doesn’t have issues with his scars as he snorkels and enjoys the waters looking very much like the heartthrob we all have come to love.

We haven’t seen much of SK on our screen ever since his exit on The Queen back in 2021