SK Khoza recently shared adorable moments as he spent quality time with his daughters.

Fathers, like mothers, are the backbone of a child’s emotionally healthy development. Children look to their fathers to make rules and enforce them. They also look to their father to provide a sense of security, both physical and emotional.

Fathers are equally important just as mothers, which is why it is always important to be present in your children’s lives as a father. SK Khoza is known for being one of the fathers who are present in their children’s lives, apart from having a child with Gogo Maweni, he also has two daughters with Morna Phatudi who is his ex fiancee.





As the star celebrated Father’s day like most dads, he spent quality time with his two adorable daughters. He shared a clip with his daughter and his younger brother on his Instagram account. His heartwarming clip touched a lot of people’s hearts hense many couldn’t help but gush over them. Isn’t he just an incredible and inspiring father?

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