SK Khoza never learns he always lands himself in trouble, spotted in a club in his worst behaviour.

It seems Sthembiso Khoza is up and again with his well known misconducts that never lead him anywhere than in trouble, he is always trending and mostly all his trending videos are never something good. There is a video trending on twitter which was posted by one of the twitter users on the video, it seems the actor was spotted in a club with two ladies.

He definitely love women and thats one of the things that tend to knock him down to his worst, on the video he is seen dancing with both of them but on the other he is sexually harassing her in public. Making her bend to his desire’s of a dance and it seems the lady was uncomfortable and didn’t like it as it shows that she was politely declining.




Here is the video which was posted on twitter that says SK Khoza always find a way back to trouble.

Here are the screenshots of the video in a form of pictures this are just them after the tending video.

After the video was posted it got a lot of comments and the users had a lot of opinions due to how they saw the video. Here are some screenshots of the comments from the video.