Sk Khoza leaves Dj Tira on his knees while playing soccer

Sk Khoza is an actor, dancer and a singer. He sings hip hop music but never recorded many songs in his career. Sk Khoza is famous for his role he used to play on The Queen. He is handsome and has a very unique style, that is why many ladies love him.


This past weekend Sk played a soccer match where Hip Hop Genre singers were playing against Gqom Genre singers, it was really a big weekend for them. Dj Tira was left on his knees by SK and people are applauding him for him beautiful skills in football.

I have to that Sk is a man with many talents, many people did not know that he played soccer this way. Dj Tira really tried his best, but in the end everyone had a great day. Sk Khoza can do anything.