Sjava gets mad after Rumani photoshopped his pictures

Sjava was one of the biggest musicians in South Africa. Sjava’s music changed a lot of people’s lives, as his sound was very different and just heartwarming. Well, Sjava kind of fell off after his long streak of making music but, it seems like he is now slowly returning to making music and it’s also been said that he is with a different record label which might also be his own.

Rumani is a Twitter celebrity that has gained a lot of followers over the past few years, and he is known for posting and photoshopping people’s posts and posting memes and making fun of other fellow Twitter celebrities such as Chris Excel.




Recently sjava posted a couple of pictures that seemed to have grabbed several people’s attention. It seems that Rumani might have seen the images and decided that he would photoshop them, he photoshopped a lion and a lion cub into the picture. well, it seems that Sjava didn’t like the photoshopped images one bit as he retweeted the photoshopped images that were posted by Rumani.