EVER since she learned she was pregnant with her rapist’s baby, Sizakele Jiyane’s life has been a nightmare.

The 23-year-old from Soshanguve, Tshwane, said she didn’t want an abortion but had no idea what the future held for her.

Sizakele, who was raped in December, said on top of it all, she was experiencing pregnancy complications.

“I feel like I’m being punished for doing what’s right. I love my child and will do everything in my power to save him or her.”

She said she was experiencing pain in her stomach and bleeding.

She said she believed the baby was growing too fast and she experienced nightmares.

“Those nightmares feel real. Sometimes I remind myself that it’s just a bad dream, but it all seems real,” she said.

She said the situation had also led to family problems.

“I’ve no idea what’s going on. I’ve always been close to most of my family members, but now most of them have turned their backs on me.”

The SunTeam spoke to sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi, who said the situation could be fixed.

“It’s common and can be solved. She can come and consult so we can look deeper into her problem,” he said.

Gynaecologist Amanda Mthembu said cramping was normal during pregnancy and wasn’t something to be worried about unless it was very painful.

  • “You have ligaments and muscles in your pelvic and abdominal regions and, as your baby and your uterus grow, it stretches those out, causing the pain,” said Amanda. A rape case was opened and cops arrested the suspect. He appeared in court and was released on bail. He’s expected in court again soon.

She encouraged the young woman to see a doctor if the pain continued.